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Overview 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the field of System Dynamics. It is thus fitting that we hold the 60th anniversary conference in Cambridge, next to the MIT campus where Jay Forrester developed the field. Today, System Dynamics is used around the world, from K-12 classrooms through doctoral programs, in scholarly research across many disciplines, and in applications from organizational change to climate change, from medicine to management. We will celebrate the accomplishments of the past six decades and explore future directions by showcasing the best work in dynamic modeling being done today.

The tentative list of threads for 2017 is:

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Behavior
  • Information and Knowledge
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Methodology
  • Operations
  • Public Policy
  • Resources
  • Security
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategy

Real-World Practice System Dynamics is aimed at solving important practical problems. We welcome people interested in such real-world applications. If you have ideas for sessions and workshops focused on addressing practical issues in specific commercial or scientific fields using System Dynamics modeling, please contact us.

Call for Papers (printable brochure)

We wish you a healthy and productive new year and are looking forward to seeing you at ISDC 2017 this summer, here in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the field of System Dynamics. Whereas the 50th anniversary conference celebrated the achievements of our first half-century, for this 60th anniversary conference we seek to construct a program that points the way to the future by showcasing the best work in dynamic modeling being done today. We will also celebrate the life of Jay W. Forrester, the founder of the field of System Dynamics, who passed away in November. Stay tuned for details.

Submissions will be accepted from February 2 to March 22. We welcome studies of dynamic phenomena based on qualitative or quantitative field study, laboratory or field experiments, and other data sources and methods. We particularly welcome work that provides new approaches to important theoretical and methodological issues, application areas, modeling practice, pedagogy, empirical methods and integration of different approaches to modeling the dynamics of complex systems. Appropriate contributions could advance methodology, develop a novel theory to explain important dynamic phenomena, test existing theories or show real-world impact. If the work addresses an important issue, takes a dynamic, endogenous perspective, captures the behavioral decision making of the actors in the system, is rigorously grounded in data, and is fully documented and replicable, we welcome it for consideration, no matter what software or modeling formalisms are used.

Whatever your focus, please ensure that your paper meets the high standards for quality we seek in our field. Be sure your paper:
– addresses an important issue,
– appropriately assesses and critically reviews the relevant literature,
– is clearly written,
– clearly presents your model, analysis, and results,
– follows the full documentation standards for the System Dynamics Review, including submittal of the actual model wherever possible,
– and meets the Preferred Model Reporting Requirements.

Finally, please make sure the title of your paper describes the key issue or contribution. IMPORTANT NOTE: please avoid a title such as “Your Title: A System Dynamics Approach” (or similar). Focus your title on the substance of your study, not the method you are using. Full title requirements can be found at the time of submission on the Paper Information for Submission Page in the Web Portal.