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Paper Submissions

Material can be submitted at

Submissions can be made from February 20, 2018 to March 28, 2018. Selection of work to be presented in full will be based on the review of a properly written research paper between 5 and 30 pages in length or, as an alternative for applications, a set of slides with sufficient detail to full describe the application. For work in progress, and other material that will be presented in an abbreviated form, a two page abstract is required. Here are two articles from long-time reviewer, Tom Fiddaman, with tips on writing good System Dynamics Conference papers. SDpaper-writing-tips1 and SDpaper-writing-tips2

Provision of models, and other supporting material, to aid the review process is strongly encouraged and will be a factor in selection.

The Program Committee will determine what to include in the program and the form of presentation. Acceptance notices will be sent by May 29, 2018.

Authors retain the copyright to all submitted work and, by submitting, grant permission for inclusion of their title, abstract, and author names in the conference record. Each submission must have a designated presenter and normally one individual can be a designated presenter for at most two works. Presenters not registered by June 20, 2018 will have their work automatically removed from the schedule. All attendees, whether presenting or not, must register for the conference.

Real-World Practice

System Dynamics is aimed at solving important practical problems. We welcome people interested in such real-world applications. If you have ideas for sessions and workshops focused on addressing practical issues in specific commercial or scientific fields using System Dynamics modeling, please contact us.

Good work in System Dynamics is often relevant to multiple communities. The conference promotes the diffusion of knowledge generally and System Dynamics particularly. Work that has been submitted to, accepted for, or already presented at another conference, or accepted but not yet published in a journal, will be considered. An article already published in a journal in English should not be submitted.