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Publishing Assistance Workshop

The Publishing Assistance Workshop will bring expert mentors on hand to offer guidance aimed at navigating the publishing process for those puzzled about how to get their System Dynamics research and applications papers published. Participants should each bring a paper with them and be ready to discuss their options and next steps. Sessions will be 20 minutes.


The Publishing Assistance Workshop will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the lunch break. If you think you may be interested in receiving assistance on a publishing question at the conference, please write to George P. Richardson at in advance to schedule a session.


About Professor Richardson

George P. Richardson is Professor of Public Administration and Policy in the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the University at Albany, and affiliated Professor of Informatics in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His teaching, research, and consulting center on computer modeling and simulation in support of systems thinking in public affairs. He is particularly interested in the use of formal computer-based tools and models to help groups move toward policy consensus in complex dynamic systems. He founded and served for seven years as the executive editor of the System Dynamics Review published by Wiley. He is the author of Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling with DYNAMO (1981), Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory (1991, 1999), both of which were honored with the System Dynamics Society’s Forrester Award, and the edited two-volume collection Modeling for Management: Simulation in Support of Systems Thinking (1996).

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