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Conference Sponsor Notes

See below communications from our conference sponsors.

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  • Associate Professor Guzay Pasaoglu took up the role of Academic Director of the EMSD programme. EMSD students in cohort 6 have started their theses. The students are working on challenging issues such as cyber security, energy related problems, health etc. In these and similar issues system dynamics helps to develop better policies, contributing to society and ultimately to making the world a better place. Cohort 7 is now enrolled in the courses in the second semester. For cohort 8 scholarships have been awarded and students will be starting their system dynamics adventure on September 2017 in Bergen, Norway.

  • Tecnológico de Monterrey Tecnológico de Monterrey

    Tecnológico de Monterrey seeks to integrate a new generation of students who distinguish themselves for their talent and enthusiasm, as well as for their commitment to the development of their environment and improvement of society’s well-being.
    Visit our stand at ISDC 2017!!

  • System Dynamics Society System Dynamics Society

    2017 Conference Sponsor Notes

    Happy New Year and welcome to the 2017 Conference Sponsor Notes! In 2016 we launched the online version on Conference Sponsor Notes which gave conference sponsors a platform to communicate their news and notes before, during and after the ISDC. From now, until after the Cambridge conference, you will find communications from our 2017 conference sponsors. Please visit frequently to see the informative notes from our sponsors. We invite you to become a sponsor of the conference! Please contact the Society office at

  • Strategy Strategy

    At ISDC in Delft we caught up with many friends and made new ones too. If you missed us or were unable to attend the conference and have questions about our materials please do contact us. Selected video material from our workshop will be available shortly.

    We were pleased at the level of interest in Sysdea for teaching and I’d just like to remind readers that we provide free accounts for teachers (sign up for a free 30 day trial using your official email then write to with a note of your school/university position to request ongoing access). Teachers can create models they can share with students and depending on the level of access needed this can be fully free of charge. More information on this is available on the Strategy Dynamics website.

    If you have any questions on Sysdea or our online games which now include People Express, White Label Restaurants, eBank and Professional Services Microworld we would be pleased to hear form you contact us at

  • Strategy Strategy

    If you are interested in learning more about Strategy Dynamics or the Sysdea software please consider attending one of our workshops at the conference or visit us at our stand.

    Workshops are:
    Getting started with Sysdea – offered twice : Monday 12:30-13:30 Aula A and on Thursday 8:30-10:00 TPM-D2
    Going Further with Sysdea: Thursday 10:30 – 12:30 TPM-D2
    Masterclass: Agile Modelling for Fast, Effective Solutions, Thursday 13:00-16:30 TPM-D2
    Registration sheets for workshops are next to the conference registration desk

    Questions? contact us at our stand or

  • Join new Asset Dynamics SIG
    Kick-off on Wednesday July 20, 12.30hrs in Aula Room B

    We invite you to join the brand new Asset Dynamics SIG. Aim of the SIG is applying System Dynamics for the management of complex technical systems, complex inter- and intra-organizational collaboration, multi actor/stakeholder involvement and long term interests. This requires different bodies of knowledge to come together.

    For more information see the e-Poster or visit us in the exhibition area of the Conference at the Copernicos Group stand.


    Relational value as a key model intangible.
    A discussion starter facilitated by Whole Systems Partnership.
    Ever considered the human side of system change?  Can relationships be measured and modelled as an intangible, and can this have an impact on the success or failure of change programmes?  WSP are undertaking research into key areas of relational thinking in the field of health and social care, and how we might incorporate these critical factors into our modelling.

    Why not come and hear more and join the conversation? Monday, July 18, at 13:00 in Aula Room B.

    For more information on relational thinking in healthcare please go to Whole Systems Partnership.

  • Delft

    Are you arriving before the start of the conference? If so you may want to visit the Museum Prinsenhof Delft by July 17th
    before the end of the exhibition Vermeer is coming home | The Little Street
    returns to Delft
    which describes the long search to identify the place that
    inspired Vermeer to paint his masterpiece. For more information please check
    the Museum website.

  • System Dynamics Society System Dynamics Society

    New format in 2016: Conference Sponsor Notes

    From now, until after the conference, you will find communications from our conference sponsors. Please visit frequently to see the informative notes from our sponsors. We invite you to become a sponsor of the conference! Please contact the Society office at

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