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The conference will be held on the campus of the University of Iceland, just a 20 minute walk from downtown Reykjavík. In addition to the conference rooms, located in buildings connected by open spaces and underground hallways, the University has a great common space with a sandwich shop, separate salad bar and a burger rathskeller.

Lunch Options at the University of Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland

Some places unexpectedly capture you far more tightly than you imagined possible. The power of Iceland lies in the energetic source of nature, culture and local mindset. All these elements serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable and effective event. Visitors claim it is the island’s energy, diversity and authenticity that gives the country an otherworldliness and spiritual inspiration.

Unlike some major European cities whose size can be intimidating, Reykjavík has a small-scale urban center that attendees find easy to navigate. The hassle-free city center is safe, clean and packed with restaurants, shopping, culture and vibrant nightlife. Visitors enjoy interacting with the friendly Icelanders who speak English as their second language, and often other Scandinavian and European languages.