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Important Guidelines for Conference Web Proceedings

Please keep in mind the following important guidelines for our Conference Proceedings.

Conference papers and presentations are a networking tool for members of the Society and those who attend a conference. The Conference provides a venue for presenting work and receiving comments that can strengthen the work and help to prepare it for wider distribution.

The Society will produce and maintain Web Proceedings of abstracts and papers to provide a complete record of presentations at the Conference. The Web Proceedings are not intended to be a substitute for publishing in peer-reviewed journals.

The strength of the field requires publishing good work, to reach audiences beyond those attending our conferences. Consult with highly experienced professional system dynamics colleagues for suggestions on making your work ready for publication and for suggestions of where to publish.

Abbreviating your paper for the Web proceedings is a good idea if you intend to publish it after the conference, as many journals will refuse to publish the same paper that has appeared elsewhere, including conference proceedings.